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New CA Carpet Recycling Tax

It is always our goal to keep our clients well-informed.
That’s why we want to explain some important industry news that will affect
everyone who purchases carpet in California. We encourage you to take a few
minutes to read and understand this email, as this change affects carpet for
retail, tradeshow, event, commercial and any other use.

What’s Changing

California law AB 2398, the carpet stewardship law signed
into effect in 2010 (and modified in 2017 by AB 1158) is intended to increase
the diversion of carpet from landfills and the recycling of carpet in

The California Carpet Stewardship program is charged with
meeting the requirements for carpet recycling set by AB 2398. It generates
funding to meet the goals of AB 2398 through an assessment on carpet sold in

Effective January 1, 2019, all carpet sold in or shipped to
California is required to be assessed at $0.35 per square yard at the point of
sale. Please note that this tax is required by California law and all vendors
and distributors will be charging it. 

How the Funds Are Used

Currently, funds from this carpet assessment are used to:

  • Support
    and incentivize the development and markets for products made from recycled
  • Underwrite
    the collection and transport of carpet to and from drop-off sites.
  • Inform and
    educate stakeholders about the importance, opportunities and challenges of
    keeping carpet out of landfills.

While carpet recycling is limited at this time, there are
hopes this program will create new developments that will expand carpet

How This Will Appear on Your Invoices

As the California Carpet Stewardship program affects all
industries that use carpet, you will start seeing this tax on all estimates,
invoices and orders for carpet sold in or shipped to California.

On Brumark invoices, this will be clearly marked as a
separate line item labeled “California Carpet Stewardship Assessment.” 

What to Do If You Have Questions

It is important to understand this law and how it affects
you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Client
Experience Manager. We are here to help.

You also can learn more about the California Carpet
Stewardship Program at the CalRecycle website.